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A DUI is a serious offense both in Missouri and Kansas. It can result in jail time, fines and suspension of driver's license. Multiple violations increase the penalties dramatically. An accident involving serious injury also enhances the penalties. Individuals charged with DUI need to contact a Kansas City DUI attorney to protect their rights.

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DUI Penalties in Kansas

  • First Time DUI: Jail is 48 hours mandatory minimum. Alternatively one can do 100 hours of community service. Fine is $500 to $1000. License suspension for 30 days followed by restricted license for next 330 days.
  • Multiple DUI: For the second DUI, the jail time is from 90 days. Fine is from $1000 to $1500. License suspension is for one year. Ignition Interlock device is required. For third violation jail time includes a 72 hour mandatory minimum jail time before work release is possible. Fourth violation is a Felony DUI with a 180 minimum sentence up to one year. 144 hour mandatory minimum jail time before work release is possible.
  • DUI Accident: Penalties enhanced according to seriousness of injuries.

DUI Penalties in Missouri

  • First Time DUI: Fine is $500 with jail time up to 6 months. The license suspension is for 30 days with 60 days restricted license after suspension is over.
  • Multiple DUI: For the second offense, the fine goes up to $1000 and jail doubles to one year. License suspension is for one year and if the second violation is within 5 years of the first one, the license is suspended for 5 years. Ignition interlock device is required. The third violation may entail jail for 4 years and fine of up to $5000.
  • DUI Accident: Penalties increased depending on nature of injuries caused.

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DUI Defense Attorney Charles Green serves both sides of Kansas City as he is licensed in both Missouri and Kansas. He aggressively defends clients against DUI charges. He raises defenses based on unlawful police stops and failures to follow procedures for field sobriety tests and breath and blood tests and presses for a not guilty verdict. He assists clients in fighting to save their drivers licenses at driver's license hearings and at trial. He is accomplished in DUI defense and has won many dismissals and acquittal of charges.

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