DUI Lawyer Eudora

DUI Lawyer Eudora

Have you been charged with a DUI in Eudora, Kansas? Once you have posted bond you will receive a citation with the initial Court date on the front. Take a breath, get your car out of the tow lot if necessary; weigh your options, and then talk to an experienced Eudora DUI Lawyer. Get informed; Take action to preserve your rights, your freedom, and to protect your future.

Will I Go to Jail for DUI in Eudora 

If you are convicted of DUI in Eudora, all levels of DUI used to carry mandatory jail time in Kansas. However in July of 2022 the Kansas Legislature changed the DUI laws in Kansas to no longer require two days in jail or 48 hours of confinement for first-time offenders. However, although not required by law, the Eudora Prosecutor may still recommend jail time and Judges may still require you to serve jail time on a first time DUI conviction. A second DUI or third DUI in Kansas still carry mandatory jail requirements if you are convicted of DUI.

How to Request a DUI Driver License Hearing in Eudora

The first court date (arraignment ) may be four to six weeks away, but your right to request a Driver License Hearing (to determine whether the State of Kansas can suspend or revoke your Kansas Driver License) expires within ten business days/ fourteen calendar days of being served with the DC-27 form (Pink Form).

The possible suspension or revocation of your Kansas Drivers License is a separate matter from the DUI case in Eudora Municipal Court. A Driver License Hearing request must be made in writing and must request all certifying officers be present or the officers will not be required to attend the Drivers License Hearing. A hearing request must be made within ten business days or fourteen calendar days.

When you hire the Law Offices of Charles R. Green the first step we take is to request that an administrative hearing be held on your behalf ; this not only preserves your right to contest the potential suspension of your Kansas Driving Privileges but also importantly allows you to continue to drive legally in Kansas during the administrative driver license process.

Facing a DUI Charge in Eudora Municipal Court: First Steps

It is important to realize that the best thing that you can do for yourself is to assess your case, consult with an experienced Eudora DUI Lawyer, and move quickly; in Kansas you are given only ten (10) business days to request a Drivers License Hearing with the Kansas Department of Revenue. The laws and procedures governing DUI cases are complex and and DUI law and protocol in Kansas change constantly. You may have even been told by the arresting officer that a DUI is not a serious matter and that you don't need to consult with an attorney. Nothing could be further from the truth. You cannot afford to step forward without the proper amount of legal consultation, knowledge, and representation; it is important that you have an experienced attorney on your side that you can truly trust. Many DUI Lawyers in Eudora including my office offer a free initial consultation regarding your case; contact us today at 913.383.3311 or submit a Fast and Confidential Case Evaluation form on our website (scroll down).

At the Law Offices of Charles R. Green we understand what to do first following a DUI, regardless of whether it was in Kansas or Missouri. You can be confident that if you work with their firm that they will be relentless in their efforts to protect your rights, regardless of whether you're facing charges for a first time DUI, multiple DUI, underage DUI, felony DUI or a BWI. They are also able to help clients who are charged with leaving the scene of an accident in Eudora, have cases involving accidents, drugs, implied consent refusal of a breath or blood test, or failed a field sobriety test.

Do I Need to Hire a DUI Defense Lawyer in Eudora?

Your drivers license, your freedom and your future may be on the line in the time following a DUI charge. DUI charges can affect employment prospects, student loan eligibility, insurance rates, etc. Facing Criminal DUI Charges in Eudora can be confusing and overwhelming. You can breathe easier knowing that you have a seasoned criminal defense attorney on your side fighting to defend your rights.

Contact an Eudora DUI lawyer at our firm as soon as possible at 913.383.3311 o learn more about how the firm can help you to defend your rights in a criminal case involving a DUI. Take action to preserve your rights, your freedom, and to protect your future.

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