DUI Lawyer Wyandotte County

DUI Lawyer Wyandotte County

Have You Been Charged with a DUI in Wyandotte County in Kansas City, Kansas? We have 25 years experience defending DUI cases in Wyandotte County. The Wyandotte County District Courthouse is located in downtown Kansas City, Kansas, across the street from Kansas City Kansas City Hall. You should have received a citation or criminal complaint from the Deputy or State Trooper with the first court date or arraignment date on the front. The DUI docket in Wyandotte County is usually held on Friday mornings at 9:00 a.m. Contact our Wyandotte County DUI Lawyer at 913 383 3311 for a free initial consultation on your case.

How to Request a DUI Driver License Hearing in Wyandotte County

Your first court appearance may be a month or so away but the clock starts immediately on your right to fight the suspension of your Kansas Driving Privileges.

In Kansas you have ten business days or fourteen calendar days from the date you receive the DUI ticket to request a Drivers License Hearing with the Kansas Department of Revenue. The Officer should have given you a DC-27 form Notification of Suspension. This serves as your temporary Kansas Driver License and is valid for Thirty Days. The Instructions for requesting a Drivers License Hearing are printed on the DC-27.

When A Drivers License Hearing is requested you can continue to Drive in Kansas with full driving privileges while the Drivers License Hearing is Pending.

Be sure to read the fine print on the DC-27. An Administrative Driver License Hearing request must be made in writing. Failure to make a request in writing will result in the denial of your request for a Kansas Drivers License Hearing and the automatic suspension or revocation of your Kansas Driving Privileges.

If you want the Officer to appear at your Drivers License Hearing in Kansas that request must also be in writing.

When you hire the Law Offices of Charles R. Green one of the first steps we take is to request the Kansas DUI Drivers License Hearing on your behalf. This preserves your right to a Drivers License Hearing where the Officer's actions and any constitutional issues such as probable cause for the stop, or procedural violations can be reviewed. Requesting the Hearing also allows you to continue driving legally in Kansas during the administrative process.

Is Wyandotte County Court More Serious than Municipal Court?

The Wyandotte County District Court adjudicates cases filed by State Agencies, which include tickets issued by the Kansas State Highway Patrol, Wyandotte County Sheriff's Office, and Park Rangers. These offenses can include Driving Under the Influence (DUI) of alcohol and/ or Drugs, Possession of Marijuana or other Controlled Substances, as well as Speeding Tickets and other Traffic Violations.

A first-time DUI charge is typically a Class B Misdemeanor, the same as if it was issued by a municipal officer. State Court does not necessarily mean the charge is more serious, however, District Court proceedings are generally more formal than those of a Municipal Court, and the procedure can sometimes be intimidating.

What Are Felony DUI Charges in Wyandotte County?

A Felony DUI case is a third or subsequent DUI Charge and is prosecuted at the State level in Wyandotte County District Court. These cases can originate in a municipal court in Wyandotte County like Kansas City, Kansas Municipal Court or Edwardsville, for example, but then are dismissed at the municipal level and referred to District Court for potential filing as a Felony DUI.

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Kansas has a 'Limited Lifetime Look-back' to July 1, 2001 to determine whether a prior DUI conviction or DUI Diversion can be used to enhance a current charge to a Felony DUI.

Wyandotte County Information

Wyandotte County has a population of 157,505 according to the 2010 census, ]making it the fourth-most populous county in Kansas. It is the county seat and its most populous city is Kansas City, Kansas, with which it shares a unified government. Wyandotte County is located just west of Kansas City, Missouri. Attractions in Wyandotte County include the Kansas Speedway and Legends Outlets Shopping Center, Wyandotte County Lake, and Kaw Point Park.

Wyandotte County Courthouse

710 N. 7th St.

Kansas City, Ks., 66101

Phone: 913.573.2940

Wyandotte County Jail Website : https://www.wycokck.org/Departments/Sheriffs-Office/Bookings-Releases

Wyandotte County Court Website : https://www.wycodistrictcourt.org/


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