DUI Lawyer Cass County

DUI Lawyer Cass County

Have you been charged with a DUI or Criminal Complaint in Cass County? The Law Offices of Charles R. Green has been defending Clients on DUI and Criminal matters in Harrisonville, Missouri for more than twenty years. Being arrested and charged can be a frustrating, impersonal, and overwhelming experience. Once you have posted your bond and been released from jail you will receive a complaint (ticket) with the first court date on the front. Take a breath, get you vehicle out of the tow lot, and then talk to an experienced Cass County DUI Lawyer.

Many DUI Lawyers in the Kansas City Area, including my office, charge nothing for the initial consultation on your case; call us at 816.361.0964 to discuss your options. Get informed and take action to protect your rights and your future. We have been providing Aggressive Criminal Defense to our clients in the Greater Kansas City Metropolitan Area for more than 20 years and we are dedicated one hundred percent to defending Criminal and DUI charges.

Requesting a Drivers License Hearing in Cass County

The first court appearance, or arraignment, is a formal reading of the charges against you and may be four to six weeks from the date you are arrested and charged with DUI. However the clock starts running immediately on the right to review or contest the potential suspension of your Missouri Driving Privileges. In Missouri you have fifteen days from the date of a chemical test failure (Breathalyzer result of .08 or greater) to request a Drivers License Hearing. If the Officer maintains that you refused to submit to testing, a Petition for Review must be filed in Cass County within 30 days. The request for Administrative Hearing is a Civil matter and is a completely separate matter from the criminal case (DUI) filed against you. If the request is not made within the statutorily prescribed time you lose that right to contest the suspension.

When you hire the Law Offices of Charles R. Green one of the first steps we take on your behalf is to request the Drivers License Hearing which preserves your right to review and also allows you to continue driving throughout the process.

Why is My DUI Filed in State Court in Cass County?

The Cass County Circuit Court hears cases filed by State Agencies, which includes tickets issued by the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Cass County Sheriff's Office, Missouri State Park Rangers, and Missouri Water Patrol. These charges include Driving Under the Influence (DUI), Boating While Intoxicated (BWI) , Possession of Marijuana or Paraphernalia or other controlled substances, Speeding Tickets and other Traffic Violations. A First-time DUI offense is still generally a Class B Misdemeanor, the same as if it was issued by a Municipal Officer. Being charged in State Court does not necessarily mean the charge is more serious, however Circuit Court (State Court) proceedings are usually more formal than in a Municipal Court, and defendants are charged under Missouri State Law, rather than with a violation of City Ordinances.

Cass County History

Cass County Circuit Court is part of the 17th Judicial Circuit Court and is located in Harrisonville, Missouri. The population according to 2010 census data is 99,478. The County was organized in 1849 and is named after U.S. Senator Lewis Cass of Michigan who was also a candidate for President. Harrisonville is the County Seat and Historic Downtown Harrisonville includes numerous historical markers and attractions such as the Historic Harrisonville Courthouse and Town Square, shops and restaurants.

Cass County Resources

Cass County Courthouse:

Cass County Justice Center

2501 W. Mechanic St.

Harrisonville, Mo., 64701

Phone: 816.380.8227

Fax: 816.380.8225

Cass County Detention Center (Jail): 816.380.5200

Case.net: https://www.courts.mo.gov/casenet


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