DUI Hotspots Revealed in Kansas City

According to statistics, A DUI-related accident or crash takes place around every six hours or so in Kansas City. That is a shocking number, especially considering the frequency that indicates. A new study also reveals certain areas in Kansas City that are considered hotspots for DUI crashes.

Interesting Revelations from the Study

The study compiled more than 7,360 alcohol-related accidents from the past five years and essentially put markers down on the map to determine if any hotspots were apparent. Mid-America Regional Council assisted with the analysis of the research. They concluded that a majority of the crashes were taking place on the weekend and occurred between 10 p.m. and 4 a.m.

Some other important factors revealed in the study include:

  • Well-traveled interstates were the most dangerous
  • Crashes were concentrated in urban development areas
  • Young drivers were responsible for 51% of accidents

For example, some of the hotspots for DUI-related accidents included I-35 and I-70, on both sides of the state line. Other areas included I-35 in Johnson County, the southern part of the downtown loop along the I-670, and high density areas around downtown Independence Avenue and 23rd Street.

Law enforcement is grateful for the new information and resources and hope to use the data to better improve the locations of DUI checkpoints. The aim to clean up hotspot areas and reduce the number of accidents that occur by arrested DUI violators before they cause an accident.

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