Severity of a DUI Involving Injuries

On Tuesday, June 5, a Florida man, D.J., accused of killing four individuals in a drunken driving accident pleaded guilty to his charges in court. He faces up to life in prison and is charged with four counts of DUI manslaughter and one count of DUI with serious bodily injury. This accident happened in August of 2010 when authorities said that the man ran a red light at 80 mph and crashed into another car holding a father and his three sons. The accused man was reportedly under the influence of both marijuana and alcohol.

While not all DUI cases result in accidents and many DUI citations are given at checkpoints, (read last week's article on checkpoints here) driving while intoxicated can lead to severe consequences and harm done to one's self and others. Missouri State Law for DUI's is traditionally straightforward when dealing with a first time offender, but if accidents or injuries were involved the consequences are often varied and more severe.

The man in Florida is only 22-years-old and faces life imprisonment; the consequences of his actions are far more severe because he injured and killed three people. Due to the specific nature of cases involving accidents and injuries, it is important to have a skilled lawyer fighting for the defense.

Cases of this type generally require additional investigation and it is recommended that a lawyer be present when law enforcement personnel or investigators gather statements. Hiring an attorney as soon as possible is strongly suggested. The Law Offices of Charles Green aggressively fight for every case they take on and understand their clients' specific needs. By completing their freeDUI case evaluation form or contacting a Kansas City DUI attorney by telephone, you can learn how they may help you with your DUI charge.


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