Kansas DUI Laws Get Five Star MADD Rating

Mothers Against Drunk Driving has given Kansas a five-star rating in DUI Enforcement, along with just four other states including Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, and Utah. This is due in large measure to the new DUI laws enacted this year in Kansas, particularly the mandate that an ignition interlock device be required, even for first-time DUI offenders. Arizona considered legislation this year that would have repealed the interlock requirement for first-time DUI offenders because the cost of installing and maintaining an ignition interlock device is expensive, not to mention inconvenient, and time-consuming. The repeal was rejected.

Most people facing a first charge of DUI do not commit repeat violations, and ignition interlock for a first offense is overkill, in my opinion. But it is the law in Kansas as of this date, and gives Kansas a 5-Star ranking from MADD. www.madd.org . States ranking one star with MADD include South Dakota, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Montana, and Rhode Island.

Additionally, some juristictions in Kansas have adopted or are experimenting with 'No Refusal' policies, obtaining warrants for a blood test when someone suspected of DUI refuses to take a test. A similar policy was adopted recently in Platte County, Missouri.

The stakes are higher than ever for someone charged with a DUI, even a first offense. The State of Kansas gives you only fourteen days to request a Drivers License Hearing. Contact our office today or fill out a Case Evaluation form online today.


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