New Kansas DUI Laws Start July 1, 2011

Drunk Driving Laws in Kansas will get a lot tougher beginning today as even first-time offenders with no prior history of DUI who test at .08 but below the .150 threshold will now be required to install and maintain Ignition Interlock Systems on their vehicles after serving an initial thirty-day suspension. "The main reason to use ignition interlock devices is to save lives by keeping drunk drivers off the roads, but they also provide another important benefit," said Pete Bodyk, manager of KDOT's Traffic Safety section. "The offender knows that without the ignition interlock system, they will not be able to drive. Since they are able to drive, they can continue to support their families by driving children to school, driving themselves to work and running necessary errands."

On May 25th, 2011, Governor Sam Brownback signed Senate Bill 6 which partly revamps Kansas DUI laws . Here are a few highlights of the new law:

*Failure of a breath test with a result between .08 and .15 on a first occurrence is a 30-day suspension followed by six months of mandatory ignition interlock device if you have no prior traffic convicitions. However if you have a prior conviction for Transporting an Open Container or three or more moving violations that period increases to twelve months of ignition interlock being required.

*Failure of a breath test with a result at .15 or above will result in a one-year suspension followed by one year of mandatory ignition interlock.

* Refusal of a breath, blood or urine test is a one-year suspension, followed by the ignition interlock requirement of at least one year (total length of interlock is dependent on prior record), regardless of how many prior Kansas DUI occurrences a person has.

*The minimum fine on a first, second, and third offense is increased by $250.00.

The new law also creates a Central DUI Repository that will give law enforcement, prosecutors and judges access to driver's records, making it easier to track repeat offenders. The Kansas Department of Transportation will fund the repository with $2.5 million and the Kansas Bureau of Investigation will oversee it.

The new changes to Kansas DUI laws have raised the stakes higher than ever. If you have questions regarding a DUI or alcohol-related offense contact a Kansas City DUI Lawyer who knows how the new laws in Kansas will impact your case. Contact us for a Free Initial Consultation or submit a DUI Case Evaluation form on our website. We are proud to serve the entire Kansas City Metropolitan Area.


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