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DUI Attorney Charles Green is a member of both the Missouri and Kansas bars and serves both sides of Kansas City. Mr. Green has the knowledge of Missouri DUI law and experience to stand up to the police and prosecutors who want to put his clients in jail and take away their driving privileges. Persons charged with DUI in Kansas City will find aggressive defense when they contact a Kansas City DUI attorney.

Missouri Traffic Law Violation Penalties

  • First Time DUI: a person can be jailed up to 6 months and fined up to $500. License is suspended for 30 days, followed by a restricted license for sixty days.
  • Multiple DUI: Charges become more severe. For the second DUI, jail can be up to a year with a fine of $1000. License suspension is for one year. If this is the second DUI within 5 years, the license suspension is for 5 years. Ignition Interlock Device is required. Third DUI violation is a felony DUI carrying a possible jail term of 4 years and license suspension of 10 years.
  • Underage DUI: Underage drivers may be charged with a .02 BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration). Their license is suspended and they will need to complete a Substance Abuse Traffic Offender Program and pay a license reinstatement fee.
  • DUI Involving Accidents: Penalty will usually be enhanced depending on the seriousness of the injury. If a serious injury, it becomes a felony with a prison sentence of several years a possibility.
  • Leaving the Scene: If there was injury this is a felony punishable by up to 4 years in jail
  • Boating While Intoxicated (BWI): For first offense the penalty is up to 6 months in jail and a fine of $500. The penalties escalate for additional offenses.

Kansas City, Missouri DUI Lawyer

The DUI attorneys at the firm vigorously fight to defend their client's rights, no matter whether their client was stopped on the Kansas or Missouri side of Kansas City. They defend adult and underage drivers. They challenge unlawful police stops in violation of their client's Constitutional rights and meticulously review field sobriety tests and breath and blood tests for procedural error. They relentlessly defend their clients' driving privileges in driver's license hearings and in criminal court. They

Contact a Kansas City, MO DUI lawyer for aggressive defense against Missouri DUI charges.

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