Understanding the DUI Trial Process in Kansas City

DUIs are unlike any other type of criminal offense. Unlike other crimes, DUIs will typically include two different types of legal actions: one civil hearing and one criminal hearing. Individuals who have been arrested for a DUI will need to seek professional assistance for both of these things.

Seek Representation During an Administrative License Hearing

Immediately upon an arrest for DUI, the state will begin the process of revoking or suspending your driving privileges. This will typically start by placing a hold on your license with the Missouri Department of Revenue (DOR) or the Kansas DOR. You will then have up to 15 days in Missouri or 10 days in Kansas to request an Administrative License Hearing to prevent your license from being suspended.

The Administrative License Hearing process is incredibly complex and will require professional representation. If you fail to request a hearing or if you fail to provide evidence that can effectively challenge a Missouri or Kansas DUI arrest, you could put your driving privileges at risk.

Aggressive Advocacy During Your Court Proceeding

There are many stages involved in the court process and we completely understand that you may be feeling incredibly overwhelmed by what you may be facing. Though no two cases are alike, there are common stages that many individuals may face during the DUI process.

The DUI trial process may include the following steps:

  1. After an arrest, you will be taken to the local jail
  2. Once in jail, you will be escorted through the booking process, which will include recording all of your personal information, your photograph, and your fingerprint
  3. After booking, you will be placed in a cell until bail is set
  4. After bail is set and posted, you may be released from jail
  5. Upon release, you must attend your initial preliminary hearing
  6. Your hearing will inform you of the official charges being brought against you by the state and the presiding judge must decide if there is enough evidence against you to go to trial
  7. If your case does go to trial, you will need to obtain legal counsel or a public defender will be assigned to you
  8. Depending on the outcome of your case, you may or may not need to proceed through the appeals process

We understand that at any given time, you may have questions, concerns or anxieties. There are very few things that are more frightening than going through the DUI sentencing process and we can be trusted to be your trusted guide, every step of the way.

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