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Individuals charged with Kansas DUI face jail time, fines and losing their driver's license. It is vital that they obtain strong and effective defense to increase their chances of a favorable result of their cases. Individuals are urged to contact a Kansas City, KS DUI lawyer.

Driving Under the Influence Charges in Kansas

It is a violation of Kansas law to be driving under the influence of alcohol with a .08 BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) or to be visibly impaired. It is also a DUI violation to be driving under the influence of drugs.

DUI penalties are severe. For first time DUI, it is a mandatory minimum 48 hour jail term or 100 hours of community service. The fine is from $500 to $1000. There is a license suspension of 30 days. After the suspension period, the individual may apply for restricted license for the next 330 days to allow the individual to drive to work, school and other vital trips. A court-ordered treatment program is possible as well as a one-year impoundment of vehicle.

For multiple DUI, the penalties get more severe. For a second offense the jail time is 90 days to a year, license suspension for a year and mandatory installation of ignition interlock device. Third and fourth convictions become a felony DUI with mandatory minimum jail terms before work release becomes available.

Drivers under age 21 with a .02 BAC are guilty of underage DUI. This can result in a fine, jail and driver's license suspension.

Aggressive DWI/DUI Lawyer in Kansas City

Individuals charged with DUI in Kansas City receive vigorous defense against charges when they contact Kansas City DUI Attorney Charles Green. He is licensed to practice in both Kansas and Missouri. When he takes on a case, he energetically challenges the government case for unlawful police stops and improper application of field sobriety tests and breath and blood tests. He defends the driving privileges of both adults and underage drivers at driver's license hearings and in criminal proceedings. He has helped many obtain favorable results with DUI charges dismissed and driving privileges salvaged.

Contact a Kansas City, KS DUI attorney at the firm for aggressive defense of Kansas DUI charges.

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