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When pulled over by law enforcement for suspicion of DUI, it is critical that the case is evaluated by a skilled Kansas City DUI lawyer. There are countless cases that when fully examined it was determined that the police stop violated the individual's rights under the Constitution.

These stops are those in which there was no violation taking place and the individual was driving safely, within the speed limit and was not exhibiting driving behavior that would lead law enforcement to consider that they could be drunk driving. Law enforcement can become overzealous in their attempts to find DUI drivers, both in Kansas and Missouri, and some have faced criminal charges related to illegal police stops.

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Determining Probable Cause

If the individual accused was operating their vehicle without any driving conduct that could be deemed unsafe, reckless or appear to be dangerous, law enforcement has no "probable cause" to stop the vehicle. This doesn't mean it doesn't happen, however. There are cases in which police claimed that the individual was "weaving" within their own lane - this is not illegal. There may have been a rough spot in the road or an item that caused them to move slightly within the lane. Cities are under huge financial stress and law enforcement actions have been ramped up to seek more funds, and some individuals are facing repercussions that are solely based on an unlawful police stop.

Defending Clients Arrested During Illegal Police Stops

Kansas City DUI attorney, Charles Green, is well aware of how many times law enforcement steps over the bounds of the law, and if this is the situation, will aggressively seek to have the evidence illegally obtained suppressed. When this court challenge is successful, there is essentially no case with which to convict. It is vital to determine whether the case includes an illegal police stop as part of a full review of any DUI arrest. The aggressive and relentless approach that the attorney takes on behalf of clients can increase the possibility of a case dismissal and walking free. Act now, as early involvement can lead to a total dismissal of DUI charges.

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