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Fighting Sobriety Checkpoint DUI Arrests

Sobriety or DUI checkpoints are temporary road blocks set up by police to catch drunk drivers. Many people believe that these checkpoints are unconstitutional, but most states have elected to overlook the constitutionality for the sake of public safety. However, in allowing the checkpoints, most states impose on law enforcement a list of strict requirements as to how they are to be conducted.

If you have been arrested for DUI at a sobriety checkpoint, it is in your best interest to seek legal counsel from an experienced Kansas City DUI lawyer. Mr. Green will thoroughly examine every aspect of your case for flaws and procedural errors. The firm will challenge the evidence and develop the best possible criminal defense strategy for your particular case. They have been representing and aggressively fighting for the rights of clients arrested and charged with DUI since 1993. They know how to fight, both in and out of court, for the best possible outcome for you.

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Kansas City Sobriety Checkpoints: Aggressive Defense

Police do not always stop every vehicle at a DUI checkpoint. They are required to follow a pattern, such as every 3rd vehicle when deciding which vehicles to screen. If you are pulled over, the officer will begin a conversation, looking for clues of possible impairment, such as slurred speech or the odor of alcohol. If the officer believes that such clues have been detected, you may be asked to get out of the car. There will most likely be video cameras recording everything you do.

You may be asked to perform certain field sobriety tests, such as the One Leg Stand and the Walk and Turn. These tests can be very inaccurate in determining if a driver is drunk. You may be asked to take a preliminary breath test on a portable, hand-held unit. It is not a crime to refuse this test and to insist that you are tested at the station. However, there are serious consequences for refusing the breath test on the larger machine, the Intoxilyzer 8000. Several recent DUI cases have revealed weaknesses in the results with this machine. A knowledgeable Kansas City DUI attorney with the firm will thoroughly investigate the circumstances underlying your arrest, including the test results that were used to charge you. They will gather expert information from scientific experts and utilize every resource to get success in your case.

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