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When law enforcement is suspicious that an individual is driving drunk, or DUI, they administer "BAC" testing, or "blood alcohol concentration". These tests are usually administered by a breathalyzer or blood test, but most commonly the Intoxilyzer 8000 is used to test BAC levels. These units have specific requirements to be deemed to be accurate in the testing procedure, as well as certain conditions under which the testing must be administered.

In many DUI cases, with a review of the evidence, it is discovered that the BAC testing was administered incorrectly, or that the testing unit used had a history of faulty readings. Any DUI case, if it is hoped to avoid conviction, should have all evidence reviewed by a DUI lawyer in Kansas City, Missouri, including any BAC test evidence, whether a breath or blood test.

About BAC Testing and DUI Evidence

Even blood testing can be faulty; there is no testing system that is 100% faultless, and the assumption that because there was a specific reading, it is correct, is a flawed assumption. Even medical doctors test more than once due to the possibility of error. The errors in blood testing can be simple such as the individual had their arm swabbed with alcohol prior to testing; the test was done on plasma instead of blood, which would increase the percentage of alcohol; or just a faulty test. One should not assume that because their BAC test was above the legal limit that it naturally follows that they will be convicted.

In some cases, blood in the mouth makes false readings; there are many possible reasons why a BAC test could result in a false reading. It is vital that an attorney from the firm gets involved immediately or the accused individual could face jail time, fines, loss of a driver's license and other repercussions, and may not have been above the legal limit or even had any alcohol at all.

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